Career Identity

Turning Chaos into Opportunity
“What do you do?” is often the first question asked when someone encounters you for the first time. When unemployed or underemployed, did you ever notice how awkward it feels to answer this question? Why is that?

For many of us, working or having a career makes up a major part of our identities. The “working” part of us is often referred to as our career identity. For some, having a fulfilled career identity means meeting the expectations of being a provider: keeping a roof overhead or putting food on the table. For others, it could mean something else like having an outlet for expression or accomplishment, having the opportunity to use a special skill, or having a sense of status or prestige.

But what happens when this integral part of who we are is taken away or reduced to something menial or dissatisfying? Each of us will respond to this type of stress in our own unique way. Yet for many, it often leads to feeling lost, confused or unfocused when striving to find that next opportunity. Many in this place describe their lives as “chaotic.” This is not uncommon. Career counseling can help turn that confusion into opportunity.

Career counselors are not just job coaches but also mental health professionals. We are specifically trained to listen and validate what you are experiencing. Career counselors can help you process the real emotions that are manifesting those uneasy feelings and help you recognize your role in the chaos, and how you can take control and be in the driver’s seat. This overall sense of control ultimately leads to better confidence and greater clarity when targeting that next job.

LED Career is not a group of recruiters or headhunters. We do not have drawers full of job leads. We are there instead to help you learn how to be in charge of your own career planning and job searching. To schedule an appointment, call 708-714-2958.

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