Is a Career for Everyone?
How does career fit into your life? For some who are recently disabled, it is often a relief to just put the job aside and focus more on the process of incorporating rehabilitation into everyday life. Some embrace the freedom of enjoying other activities such as spending time with family or friends or concentrating on hobbies. But for others, work is a necessity or a primary means of expression and are more focused on learning all that is possible to accommodate their work tasks and get back on board.

Individual Career Counseling
There are many variables that impact the decision to go back to work. Some come from inside and others stem from the pressures around us. A career counselor can help sort through the mixed emotions and thoughts that can make this decision difficult.

For those who are work-ready, a career counselor can then help solidify a true professional identity and help develop a strategy for marketing more effectively to prospective employers, raising their interest and increasing the odds for landing opportunities.

Job Club (Coming Soon!)
Selling yourself and your disability to an employer is certainly not an easy task. Going through this process with the support of others often helps…brainstorming new strategies, opening possibilities for fresh leads, using those in the group to expand your network. The career group at Inner Focus offers a secure forum to discuss and debate the impact vision loss has on the professional opportunities available. By participating in a group, you can learn effective strategies to face this challenge and glean advice from others on how they tackled this situation.

Fine Print
Please be aware that I am not a job placement coach or a recruiter. I do not have a desk drawer or rolodex full of job leads. My role is solely to teach you the fundamentals of job searching and help you better understand the process of job searching – how to approach it with greater confidence and self assurance.

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