Self Awareness

What are Your Weaknesses? Many Often Skip This Vital Step for Approaching that Question.

At the heart of managing a successful career is a having healthy sense of self. A solid career identity. This means having the confidence to clearly convey those strengths, accomplishments and facets that make us shine, but it also means having the courage to admit to and continuously learn from the faults that set us off – those situations that have made us react irresponsibly, or where we’ve had difficulty “playing nice” with our bosses or co-workers.

Not everyone is willing to concede to their faults. After all, isn’t there quite a bit of pressure in the world of work to appear flawless? But how realistic is that? We all know that NOBODY is perfect. Believe it or not, employers know this too, and we’ve all been privy to the behavioral tactics used in interviews that paint us into corners to the point where we feel obliged to “fess up” to our mistakes. This is methodology that isn’t going away anytime soon. We can’t change the way the interview process works but we can change our attitudes and perceptions for how to approach it.

Working with a career counselor helps us realize that what we perceive as shortcomings really stem from dysfunctional reactions to messages and patterns we learned as kids. Counseling challenges our thinking about these situations so we can shake hands with the past and be open to new ways for handling our reactions – approaching our challenges from a healthier and more realistic viewpoint, and in the job search, this translates into greater confidence and poise when navigating our way through job interviews, networking events or performance reviews.

For more insight, contact Lauri Dishman at ledcareer – 708-714-2958.

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