Could you benefit from an interview coach?

So, you have a fantastic resume and have been asked on many interviews.  But then you don’t hear back.  Yes the competition for jobs is fierce, but if this becomes a recurring pattern, perhaps it’s time to seek some interview coaching from an objective professional.

Over the years, interviewing has become quite a complex process.  Behavioral interviewing is a strategy used more and more by employers to better flush out those they hire.  I’m sure you’re familiar with those questions that catch you off guard, asking you to provide an example of a time when you went over your supervisor’s head or when the customer service you provided didn’t go so well.

Preparation is Key

Understanding why these and other types of questions are used helps us determine how we can answer them more effectively .  LED can help you better prepare and get you into a more comfortable mindset, so you can approach interviews with greater poise and confidence answering these questions with the genuine conviction that better engages the interviewer and enhances you chances to make it to the next level.

Schedule your Session Today!

Sessions are scheduled and billed by the hour.  To schedule a coaching session, contact Lauri Dishman, M.A, LCPC at LED Career at 708-714-2958.


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