Personal Branding

LED Career Can Help You Adjust to Today’s Expectations for Job Searching

Globalization and technology have shifted the way many companies do business which has impacted the way we look for work. Instead of investing ourselves within one company, many of us are finding it necessary to freelance for several or simply take on short-term projects, assembling our careers much like patchwork quilts.

For some, this arrangement is very convenient allowing for greater autonomy and flexibility. The portfolio career as it is called is perceived by some, however, as more of a challenge as this new means of seeking employment forces us to “entrepreneur” our skills, accomplishments and talents like products to potential buyers.

But let’s face it. Many of us would rather have oral surgery than go out and “sell” ourselves. LED Career recognizes that the angst this can cause is real. Our goal is to offer guidance and resources to help you feel more informed and at ease when trying to make sense of the most current job-search standards. By working with a career counselor, you’ll walk away with a much clearer understanding of what is relevant and necessary for finding greater opportunities within your industry. We also provide support to help you develop greater confidence when interfacing with others in the working world.

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