Is your resume working for you?

A good way to assess if your resume is working for you is simple.  Is it generating any response? Are you receiving phone calls or landing interviews?  If not, it could be time to reevaluate its format or content.

Most resumes fall short by just listing responsibilities much like a job description. Others list content with very little relevance to the job being targeted, perhaps hoping a potential employer will  somehow “fit them in”  to the company.  These approaches were acceptable maybe ten or twenty years ago, but today a resume must be highly targeted and must convince employers that the past work history stated will add value to their future.  Employers want accountability to what was achieved by seeing measurable accomplishments.  As you can imagine, an effective resume takes time to write, and it often helps to work with an objective career services professional.

LED Career believes that writing a resume works best as a collaborative process.  Since you are the expert of your professional past, we feel it necessary to have you working closely with us, because in the end, it’s you who must feel comfortable attesting to its contents during interviews!  We start with an in-depth interview.  Our goal is to use strategies to draw out a comprehensive picture of your work history, unveiling the skills, accomplishments and results that make you stand apart.  By researching the job market and your targeted industry, our goal then is to find the words to best depict your true value, resulting in a document that reflects your background in the most relevant and compelling way possible.

The process typically is structured in this way:

  • 2-hour in-depth personal interview is conducted with the aim of drawing out your past experience, accomplishments, values and relevant skill set. At that point, 50% of payment is required.
  • Initial draft of resume is written by LED Career and sent to you electronically. You will be encouraged to read the document thoroughly and have others review it as well.
  • Second one-hour session will take place either by phone or in person where you will provide feedback.  There revisions are discussed and confirmed.
  • Second draft of resume is then completed by LED Career and sent to you, again asking you and others to review it.
  • Second round of revisions are provided by you. This can be done by phone or email.
  • Final draft of resume is completed. Remaining 50% of payment is required.
  • Final document is then sent electronically.

Have LED Career create an effective resume for you.   Contact Lauri Dishman at LED Career at 708-714-2958.

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